Ways to Make Money Online Google News 2024

Today Discussion How to make money online for beginners Real ways to make money from home for free Ways to make money online usa for free Ways to make money online usa for students How to earn money online without investment Fun ways to make money online usa are you ready to turn your free time into a gold mine today we're exploring Uncharted Territory revealing 

How you can mint money from Google Yes you heard me right in today's we're gonna delve into an interesting free and easy method that can potentially make you 9000 US dollars in a month or three hundred dollars in a day and the primary tool that you'll be using is Google news and you know what the best part is rockstars you don't need any fancy degrees or qualifications 

Make money online Google News

 This can be done from anywhere across the globe so for those who are always asking this is a worldwide opportunity google.com and you're probably familiar with this platform right when you get to google.com just type Google news in the search Tab and hit enter this will land you on the Google News platform which is a hub for local as well as international news that is constantly being updated 

now all you're gonna do in the first step is you're gonna select topics that are popular or topics that are trending are topics that grab your attention these topics could range from technology business Sports entertainment science or health  business and health topics and I'm gonna show you how to monetize is this later on so stick around so for business let's scroll through here and see if we see anything interesting ah this looks pretty attention grabbing

 how a 24 year old saved enough money to buy a 250000 US dollar house by living in a tiny home her parents built for her in their backyard I'm curious is your interest Spinbot speed rock stars now let's select a health topic as well because I want to show you how Dynamic this side hustle or this income earning opportunity is now there are a ton of good articles 

here that certainly peak in my interest but this one red meat and cheese are unlikely to lower life expectancy according to a new study is it one of those studies that came out many years ago and said that egg yolk was bad for us or that other study that said coconut oil was bad for us you can't follow these studies 

but I'm curious because cheese is something I know is bad for me but I continue to eat it so let's hear what they have to say after selecting your article it's time to move to the next step let's hop over to spinbot and the link will be in the description below now spinbot is a free emphasis on the free automatic article spinner or text writing tool it's ideal for paraphrasing and as such spin bot will allow you to avoid plagiarism here on their website

 they indicate that they're grammatically accurate it's a fun and fresh take on stale content and it's used by millions of people across the globe now I can confirm having used it that it is definitely grammatically accurate and I really like the spin it puts on different inputs for whether it's an article a blog or anything I input and get spin bot to spin for me now have you figured what's the next step rock stars I know you guys are brilliant but the next step is to copy the articles that you got on Google News and paste them in spin bot and hit the spin button now 

let's paste the business article first and let's evaluate the differences here after it spawn I don't even know if I can say that but you get the gist and I'm seeing where spinbot did a great job because this is very different but it's kind of saying the same thing no plagiarism Flags here and you know what the same is true as you can see here with the health article it's spun it and spin it very well now you need to ensure that you review the final article and if you want to personalize it you can do so as well remove all the unnecessary content the ads and tweak it so it reads to Perfection now

 I know some of you may be thinking that doesn't sound right or better isn't that copy in people's content and reusing it now listen you're only human if you think that because I got that feeling as well but allow me to put things into perspective did Burger King steal the business model from McDonald's it's Up For Debate rock stars what I believe they did is they saw a business model

 that worked well and put their own spin on it have you also ever wondered why BBC ABC CNN CBS and most of the news platforms out there report the same news do you think it's because they each have reporters on spot when the news is breaking to document the story most news networks basically repurpose what they get from other news platforms and what you're doing here is not very different what's critical is that you put a spin on it and if you believe this is something that you can do to make your nine thousand US dollars per month do me a favor rock stars because we have to write

 write it down to manifest it and write in the comments for me spin on it you know you have some people who don't watch the video but they're going to the comments when they see spin on it they're gonna be utterly confused as to what you guys are talking about not realizing that you are manifesting your 300 US dollars per day

 that said I still don't want you to do anything that you're not comfortable with but believe me when I tell you that putting a spin on things is a common practice used in many Industries now with your freshly spun article you're ready to make some money and what I'll be doing is sharing different platforms where you can post these articles and make not peanuts but good money

 these different platforms will cover articles that can be posted in business technology Entertainment Sports Science or health and several of them you can have access to wherever you live across the globe now the complete list with the clickable links will be posted on patreon so subscribers just head down below in the description click the link and it will take you to the links on patreon if you are not subscribed I'm gonna tell you the website for each of these and I'll pop up a few of them on screen here so you won't have any reasons not to get the information now to make 300 US dollars per day

 depending on the platform that you choose to post on you may need to post one maybe two articles three at most but think about how simple it is to go to Google News to copy an article to put it in spinbot to read it through and to post it listen you could be posting an article per hour but we're gonna be realistic and conservative so let's target one to three articles per day

   because that will put you on the path to claiming your nine thousand dollars per month now the first place that you can post your articles will pay you anywhere from a hundred to as much as 500 US dollars per article and these articles can be on topics around Health Home Improvement and more and this is dot dash.com the second place is Articles 

 thepennyhorda.com and this will pay you anywhere from 75 to 100 US dollars per article your articles can be on Personal Finance to include savings tips budgeting strategies and ways to make money the traveling writer will pay you 50 to 200 for articles related to travel including destination guides and travel tips while women on writing pays anywhere from fifty to a hundred dollars for articles

 aimed at supporting and providing opportunities for female writers that are focused on freelance work entrepreneurialism and education and the website is world dash women on writing.com international living pays 75 to 400 per article and these articles can be focused on travel and lifestyle to include retirement abroad and budget traveling International living.com is the website now if you are willing to write articles on web design coding and related topics a list apart will pay you 200 to 300 US dollars per article and the website is a list apart.com no rockstars I have a lot more to go but if you appreciate the research

 that I put in to getting you lists like these so that you don't have to score the internet to find them I would really appreciate you liking the video and if you are not yet a rock star please go ahead and subscribe thank you in advance the next platform where you can post your article us and in this case make 50 to 150 dollars per article that speaks to culture environment and social issues is strong whisper.com list verse and I've talked about this one it pays a hundred dollars for accepted articles on topics 

such as science entertainment and history no cracked.com pays a hundred to two hundred dollars per accepted article and this can be on humor pop culture and entertainment for cracked and a few of these your articles need to be approved no dollar stretcher will pay you 10 cents per word but believe me this does add up and this is for articles related to personal finance saving money and Frugal Living no writersweekly.com will pay sixty dollars per article related to writing publishing and freelance work Photoshop tutorials will pay as much as 300 with a minimum of 25 US dollars per accepted article

 that's written on Photoshop tutorials and techniques on this platform your article will also need to be submitted and approved before it can be monetized income diary will pay 50 to 200 US dollars per accepted article and these articles can be on making money online

 social media and internet marketing and tootsplus.com pays 50 to 500 per accepted article on web development design and creativity the sun magazine is a literary magazine that pays writers for personal essays interviews and fiction and writers can make up to two thousand dollars for their work now Pro blogger is a very popular platform for freelance writing jobs and it offers an opportunity for you to submit articles on a wide range of topics that include health related

   ones short stack is another platform and this one is available and accessible across the globe and it also provides you an opportunity to submit art in many different niches or categories the last one is Skyward and this one is ideal for Freelancers who want to write about a myriad of things now

 I do recommend that you visit the various websites and evaluate what the guidance is to be monetized or to get paid for articles and also to evaluate the payment rates and the requirements to earn that money on each of these websites no rockstars that's it pretty free and easy way to earn on Google

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