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Today discussion related jelly roll weight loss 2024 2 bears 5k jelly roll weight loss jelly roll 5k 2 bears 5k results jelly roll losing weight jelly roll weight loss photo did jelly roll lose weight is jelly roll losing weight Ricky Lake speaking for the first time about her weight loss Journey sharing how she did it without using medication Kana Whitworth sat down with her for the exclusive interview good morning Kaa hey Michael good morning so for the first time she opens up about the decision to bet on herself in her journey of transformation and for anyone else looking to make a change she says start from a place of positivity and gratitude but you have to follow it up with hard work 

I can do that dance she might be better known as Tracy turnblad the pleasantly plump teen with a big heart in Hairspray or for her wildly successful talk show I know what it's like to be made fun of and it doesn't help anybody lose weight but now media Mogul Ricky Lake opening up for the first time about her recent weight loss and Newfound happiness

 I feel the best I can remember feeling in my life I have this new marriage and I'm so blissfully happy with this amazing man my perfect man and it you know if I pinpoint one thing that was not working in our lives is that we were carrying this extra weight throughout her career lake has always been an open book with her weight challenges and health struggles 

now in the last s months she and her husband teamed up to shed the pounds and sharing their story on Instagram but not the details this morning she opens up exclusively to GMA about how she did it it's been a commitment you know it's been a financial commitment it's been a like a time commitment but it's it's awesome like I'm just I'm so I'm so happy I'm proud of us at 55 years old she says 

she is per menopausal and that a doctor suggested a medication to lose weight oh the doctor was suggesting both were overweight yeah and he he was saying you weren't going to be successful without it is what he said to me really and I like a challenge and I like proving people wrong and so it pissed me off I just was reluctant and I wanted to give it a go on my own and so I said to my husband you want you want to go on this ride with me and he's like sure together they dove in starting intermittent fasting along with the keto diet exercising including Pilates and sleep 

tracking it all paid off Lake losing 35 pounds since October and it sounds to me like your commitment level was a little bit different here that you weren't looking for a crash diet or a quick fix you were looking really for lify CH yes yes this is a lifestyle change I've made this my job and it's become my Joy like I just I I I love it I think it's safe to say I'm in the best shape of my life and I mean you are glowing in this I say this is What Happy Looks like this is really I could cry I'm so happy she's even Dawning this famous red swimsuit she wore on the cover of Us 

Weekly in May of 2007 Ross her husband of two years losing nearly 40 pounds himself the dedication and the like a dog with a bone like she's tenacious when she decides that she's going to do something she's all all in and just goes after it and it's inspiring with her Newfound energy and vitality Lake continues to pour herself into helping others in honor of her late husband Christian Evans 

who died by suicide after battling mental illness Lake works with Community Access an organization providing job training and housing assistance to those struggling with mental illness I think he's magic up there and he's watching over me he I believe he handpicked Ross for me yeah I have a deep deep knowing that he's left his Mark with me she says her best days are now ahead of her I've been famous since I'm 18 years old from Hairspray and yet these are the sweetest of days now Community 

Access is celebrating 50 years with their Good Neighbor Gala tonight and you can also learn more again tonight on Nightline but you guys I want to share with all of you that she said one of the reasons she's able to be so transparent is because she's inspired by you Robin she's called you one of her heroes yes us to oh W you caught me off guard there and I was just going to say well first of all Kana and thank you for sharing that so happy for Ricky you know she's been here many times and just to see her happy makes us happy it does indeed she looks great 

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