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It is time now for going for the green presented by draftking Sportsbook let's say hello to golf bet editorial lead will Graves out there on the Range will it looks great out there at Quail Hollow I know Rory mroy is the ringer in town but we're going a little deeper down the board to find your lead bet this week yeah Taylor we are all kind of getting acclimated with what it's like to deal with a PJ tour signature event without Scotty sheffler in the field 

where do you go with your money in the outright Market as you mentioned I'm going a little bit further down the board I approach with trepidation and attempt to pinpoint Cameron Young's first PJ tour win but I'm going to give it a shot this week because I love the price plus 2500 it feels like when he gets that first win 

this is the sort of course and the sort of event where he's going to get it done a big ballpark a tough course a strong field these are all elements where he has thrived recently seven runner-up finishes on tour we've seen what he's done in the majors this a place where he should be able to lean on that driver 

really give himself an advantage when you go back historically you got to hit it long off the te to have a chance at Quail Hollow I think Cameron young is really priced well maybe the odds makers are sleeping on a little bit this week because of that slow finish or that rough finish at RBC Heritage a couple weeks ago

 I think cam young plus 2500 is a good bet yeah I like it a lot too he's awake Forest Demon Deacon as well will so he's got a lot of familiarity with this region how about a best value play for the week yes say it five times fast Christian bazen hoot plus 8,000 80 to1 on the South African maybe doesn't have the name recognition for a lot of fans but he has a really strong game runner up this year at the American Express

 the top 15 at the Players Championship he's one of the best Putters on tour 10th this season in Strokes gain putting and he doesn't have a ton of familiarity with this tournament but remember the President's Cup 2022 was at qu Hollow Baden hoot went 10 and one for Trevor imman's in International Squad so he knows this course well he has played well here in the past he's coming off some solid finishes

 top 10 top 20s and I feel like plus 8,000 on the outright Market maybe a look for a top 10 finish remember no cut this week and 69 players in the field you can get a pretty good price on bazen hoot to hang around and be on the leaderboard even if he doesn't take home the trophy yeah that's a good call and it was hot that week at the President's Cup in the fall of 2022 similar conditions this week now how about a head-to-head play will it doesn't have to be two players in the same group

 it can be anyone versus anyone that's in the field this week what do you like yeah we're looking at a 72 whole matchup so give me the entire tournament to see how this one plays out I'm always interested to see how players react in the the subsequent weeks after winning on tour for the first time and that's what we've seen with Stephen joerger he got that first win in Houston and he has kept his foot on the gas 

the last several weeks two straight top 20 finishes and again going back to a similar blueprint as cam young he's one of the best d drivers of the golf ball on tour top 20 in Strokes gained off the te top 20 in Strokes gained T to Green I think Stephen joerger is primed for a big week and I love the match up where he's minus 120 against Shane Lowry Shane Lowry spoke to us in the media

 yesterday and he's open with the fact that he doesn't have a good track record here he said I just don't play well here historically now to be fair he said I didn't play well historically at Bay Hill and then I played pretty well this year in March so he he has a opportunity to break out of the slump but anytime a player is aware of a course

 history maybe in a negative way I try and find a way to fade him and I think this matchup is an opportunity to do it you get a hot hand with Stephan jger minus 120 for the full tournament against the Irishman and remember he's the only person in the world that's beat Scotty sheffler or Nelly Corda in the last couple of months he can't do that this week obviously cuz Sheffer is not in the field but a great pick with joerger thanks so much will yeah good to be with you

 Taylor it's going to be a fun week up here and remember draftking sports book is an official sports betting partner of the PGA Tour and this week new customers can bet $5 and pocket $150 in bonus bets instantly download the app and use promo code range when you sign up DraftKings Sportsbook the crown is yours it's time now for Fantasy 4 presented by DraftKings let's have some fun make some picks on what's going to happen this week and let's give wh and swaton a budget here you have six golfers locked by the first tea time

 the salary cap is $50,000 and the scoring is done player per hole finish streaks and bonuses and the salaries are provided by DraftKings daily fantasy sports as you can imagine Rory mroy is going to cost you the most coins Xander just barely below him and the defending Champion is costing a ton of cash this week

 you get some more value with the rest of those players on the board so Susie Wy and Colin swaton are copious notet takers they love preparation how much time did you spend on this this was an easy one I got to be honest with you I didn't spend that much time but I spent a lot of money so I picked Rory and for obvious reasons that everybody's heard of he's won here three times

 he has three top fives and a win already this year he drives the golf ball incredibly well he's third in driving distance better than he's driven it all year long 19th in total driving I don't know how you don't pick Rory he's literally come out and said this is my favorite golf course on the PGA tour

 I had to go with Rory and he's got some good vibes as you just saw there winning with Shane Lowry a couple weeks ago Cole you going the same way or no yeah I'm going topheavy also with Xander Schley finished runner up here last year to Windham Clark also some really really good aspects of his game

 he's had 11 events this year so far he's had 10 of those top 25s he's third in Strokes gain Tea Green we know that driving is important this week and also Strokes gain number third as well overall so plenty of fire power in the tank and I think coming off the Masters I think really uh he's going to be coming out and wanted to stamp his authority on this event and remember last year was right in the fight it threw the first nine holes

 he was right there with Windam Clark before Clark raced out and won the event how about your next pick yeah I didn't spend as much money on this one but I think it's a good one Jake knp he's already won this year I went with him because he's a great driver of the golf ball and hits it really straight he's also 11th in approach to the green which is going to be critical 

here the greens are hard they're new 9 months old at the end of the day you've got to be able to hone in those iron shots he's a good driver golf a good iron player it's going to come down to his putting but I was willing to spend a whole lot less money for Jake n yeah and last week of course you had three great rounds in Texas not the best on Sunday but right in the fight last week at the CJ cup I've got McKenzie Hughes the local ringer the local ringer I've gone him for a couple of different reasons 

obviously he's great value uh but also too he's a HomeTown boy here you know plays out of the qua Hol Club here in Charlotte he's had not the greatest start to the season one third at the valsar three top 25s but it's the President's Cup and it's Nick Taylor Adam hadwin Cory Conners and obviously what Taylor pendrick did last week in moving up 12 spots

 into that 14th spot position leaves him on the outside looking in and I honestly think he's wants to make that team he spoke about it quite openly said he'll trade his two wins in to be able to represent Captain Mike we in Montreal so look for big things this week he's a proud Canadian but as you said he is a resident of Charlotte North Carolina and he has some of his cash of some of my cash 

rather in his pocket unfortunately speaking from past experience draftking Sportsbook is an official daily fantasy sports partner of the PGA Tour and this week new customers can play free for your share of millions and prizes with your first deposit download the DFS app and use promo code range when you sign up DraftKings the crown is yours 

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